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Despite years of wars, conflicts and colonization,
Vietnam has emerged to become one of South
East Asia’s top holiday destinations. The country
offers never ending picture perfect landscapes,
the most scrumptious food and last but not least
the people who are the friendliest and most fun
people around. Traveling around and having
Vietnam Tours are relatively easy with every
conceivable mode as an option, ranging from 1
star to 5 stars.  The coastline of Vietnam is 3,444
km (2,140 mi) long and National Highway One
runs alongside of it for most of the way.
Places to go:

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia which has been long time famous for a history of war and colonisation. Today, the country is also well known for its travel destinations which many things to offer the travellers. It is the only few countries in the world owns many of The World Heritages.
Where to stay:

Vietnam is among the few countries offering its customers a wide range of choices for staying. Selection can be from beautiful resonable price classic hotels to homestay with local people or luxury resorts along the beaches and islands or even between inland or on boat.
Where to enjoy food:

As a nation with diversity in climate, culture, regions and ethnic groups, Vietnam is a country with unique food culture, the world's leading food attractions. Ph.Philip Kotler, the father of competitive theory, has suggested that Viet Nam should become “the kitchen of the world”
Entertaining in Vietnam:

Entertaining is not a strong point for Vietnam Travel as comparing to other Asia destinations. However, it still has unique characters to offer from diversified traditional performance, the variety of culture with 54 ethnic groups. You also may enjoy street shopping to beach or mountain activities.

Lai Chau
Dien Bien
Luang Prabang
Phu Quoc
Sieam Reap
Son La
Hoa Binh
Phnom Penh
Vinh Long
Tay Ninh
Cao Bang
My Tho
Quang Binh
Quang Ninh
Con Dao
Ha Long Bay
Da Lat
Vung Tau
Mui Ne
Quang Ngai
Quy Nhon
Nha Trang
Hoang Sa
Truong Sa
Most tourists having Vietnam Tours either from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh or vice-versa. Just pick your starting location and the rest of the time travel in Vietnam can be organized for you. It is the best way to see the country and all it has to offer. For long haul distances and time permitting, flying or going by train are options to visit the main areas for shorter trips.

If you are starting in Hanoi, your Vietnam Tours should consist at least one or two days there to see all it has to offer (but in most of case, that is not adequate time to discover the city). Side trips to Halong Bay for a stay on a luxury traditional junk on emerald waters or Sapa in the mountains where you will see the most spectacular rice terraced mountains around are also best choice of visitors. There are a lot of places near or around Hanoi so check them out while you are there.

The next point of interest in Vietnam Tours and Vacation is the ancient Imperial Capital of Hue located in central Vietnam. This place is a must see on your trip while travel Vietnam. Continue to southward? Not yet. From Hue, let go back a little North to visit new emerging travel destination in Quang Binh and get astonished with the longest and biggest cave system in Phong Nha Ke Bang. The cave was known since the early 20th century but it was discovered in detail recently by British Cave Research Association, Royal Geographical Society.

Also located not far from Hue are Danang and Hoi An. If you like the beach then have we got the places for you. Da Nang is a large city with an international airport in the central Vietnam. Hoi An is a little ancient port popular for its ancient houses and old business clubs. And from Hoi An, you can spend a day or half day visit the My Son holy land, one of the three UNESCO heritage sites in the central Vietnam.

To the south is popular Nha Trang Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world that must have in your Vietnam Tours. This beautiful beach side is heaven of Vietnam travel if you are love water sports and relaxing on the beach. It hosts an array of islands which are easily accessible by boat. You can go inland from Nha Trang to the tranquil hill station town of Da Lat, a dreamlike city. This beautiful town reminds you of an old European mountain village. There is a lot to do or see around Da Lat. The clean fresh air and coolness of the place make it a haven for Vietnamese travelers.

Form Da Lat mountain area, down to the sea again will be Mui Ne beach, or so call the resort town of Vietnam. Mui Ne is a heaven for people who love sea and sun and look for a beautiful tanning skill. Further to the South you will meet Ho Chi Minh City (or another name Saigon), a very young land but witness many historical up and down periods of the country and always attached with a long Vietnam War in the last century. From Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can visit many beautiful and full of color places like Mekong Delta, Cu Chi Tunnel, Tay Ninh, Vung Tau, Long Hai Beach.. or go to remote charming islands in the Southern part of Vietnam like Phu Quoc island or Con Dao island. With all year round under the sun and warm climate, Southern Vietnam is perfect destination for "anytime summer vacation" in Vietnam Tours and Travel.
There is one thing that can not be missed while travel Vietnam is tasting Vietnamese cuisine, a symbol of Vietnam Travel, an outstanding and varies in different parts of the country. Don’t miss out on these special dishes which can be acquired for as little as few bucks! The most popular traditional dish for Vietnamese people is Pho (traditional rice noodle soup). This food can be enjoyed at all hours of the day, but there is plenty more special cuisine in different parts of the country. You will see food stalls with BBQs everywhere you go. BBQ pork chops or chicken served with rice, vegetables and soup are usually the fare. Vietnam has heaps of traditional dishes and it’s worth doing some research of them before you come. For those who prefer western or different food there are a wide range of western food choices in all tourist attraction areas.

The best thing about travel to Vietnam is the people. You will find them to be very friendly and usually with a smile on face. They are very upfront about what they ask you and usually just want to talk to you to practice their English. It’s not unusual to be invited into a Vietnamese home for a meal and drinks. What is theirs is yours and they are extremely hurt if you need to pay your own way. The experience is worth it. You will find everyone here to be particularly friendly and nice and formal to old people and great with the kids. Make sure to get out and make an effort to blend with the locals so you can understand the country even more.

Vietnam also has a variety and diversified culture. The combination between the diversification of many different group of people and a thousand year of history with the cross culture influence and a long shape country have made the Vietnam culture differ from North to South, differ between regions, and differ between ethnic groups. We can assure that you will not meet any same culture along your travel in Vietnam and so it is the unique of Vietnam Tours products.
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